Hi there! I’m Amber, founder of Amber Lay Events, an event planning and coordinating company. While I love organizing and working out the logistics of events, during my studies at San Diego State University, I rediscovered my love for art and design and knew I needed to some how add that into the career path I had already chosen. I decided to dive head first into the world of floristry by taking classes, volunteering and working with the industry’s top professionals. The learning with floral design never stops which keeps it challenging and rewarding. I first started offering floral as an add on from Amber Lay Events but soon after launched The Floral Pedaler!


As a floral designer, I like to keep things simple but elegant. I try to let the natural beauty of the flowers speak for themselves. I love designing around what’s trending but am certainly not afraid to push the envelope. I also try to explore creative ways to cut costs since events are a one day gig. Because flowers are a perishable product they can be wasteful if only used at an event. We try to donate our leftover and used event flowers to Heliotrope for Hospice when the client does not want them. They reuse the flowers to make new arrangements for San Diego Hospices. It feels great knowing that others are enjoying the flowers even after the event is over.
Speaking of giving back, I recently launched Cotton Clouds For A Cause, a cotton candy company offering all natural, organic and gourmet favors and event services because many of clients wanted a favor that gives back and helps make a difference. We donate a portion of the profits to the Cause of their choice. Because this was such a great hit and made what we do even more rewarding we started donating a portion of all of The Floral Pedaler’s profits to the same  Causes! Just like with Cotton Clouds For A Cause, the client gets to pick which Cause we donate to! Amber Lay Events does the same!
Needless to say, between Amber Lay Events, The Floral Pedaler and Cotton Clouds For A Cause I stay pretty busy but my passion for events with a Cause and entrepreneurship keep me going. When I do have free time you can find me enjoying San Diego’s beaches and sunshine, pursuing my other passion of sailing and marine life and spending time with friends and family.